Jim Pillen
Governor Candidate

Issue Response
1) Abortion Regulation. Extend legal protection from abortion to every preborn child at the moment of conception, taking effect if and when Roe v. Wade is overturned.
2) Death Penalty. Repeal the state's use of the death penalty.
3) Education Choice. Increase education choice for low-income parents and their children by implementing a scholarship tax credit program.
4) End-of-Life Medical Decision-Making. Legalize euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.
5) Firearm Regulation. Allow concealed carry of a handgun without requiring a state-issued permit to be obtained.
6) Healthcare Access. Extend Medicaid health care coverage for low-income mothers who are postpartum from 60 days of coverage after giving birth to 12 months of coverage.
7) Human Sexuality. Add the term 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' to the list of specially protected classes in Nebraska's anti-discrimination laws.
8) Immigration. Maintain policies that allow DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) youth and young adults to obtain state-issued driver licenses, in-state tuition, and professional licenses.
9) Public Safety of Students. Utilize state funds to further the public safety of students in both public and non-public (i.e., parochial, private, and denominational) schools.
10) Religious Liberty. Provide protection against government discrimination for faith-based adoption and foster care providers, health care professionals and institutions, and social service providers that operate according to their sincerely held moral or religious beliefs.

Message to Catholic Voters

I’m about God being in our schools. I’m about love conquers all. I’m about loving life. The most important job on the planet is motherhood. I believe life is a precious gift of God’s grace, beginning at conception and continuing through natural death. As governor, I will do all I can to outlaw the murder of unborn babies. No exceptions.






Farmer, Agra-Businessman


BS in Animal Science/Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine


Suzanne and I have four children, Sarah, Brock, Polly, and Izic; and seven grandchildren, Will, Halle, Eloise, Henry, Harrison, Ava, and Thomas.

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